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No.7, Zhen Xing Road No.2, Cun Wei Village, Heng Li Town, Dong Guan City,
Guang Dong Province, P.R.C.
Mobile: +86 135 8095 7336 (Miss. Wu)
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Production Environment
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       Season possess more than 40 sets of production equipment for various silicone and rubber products. Our production capacity is sufficient and stable. The ISO9001 quality management system is strictly implemented, and each production process standard is perfected to provide customers with high stability and high-quality products.
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22 vacuum forming machinesTaiwan rock

      With the production experience of various materials (silicone, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, special materials, etc.), Season can identify and analyze the selection of the raw materials and various auxiliary materials in details to ensure the compliance with the ISO14001 quality management system standards. The use of hazardous substances such as RoHS is also eliminated by Season. Also, the mixing of materials is divided into mixers for silica gel and rubber respectively to prevent the risk of substance mixing.

     Our factory has established 24 sets of production equipment
from the well-known equipment manufacturer in the industry,
Taiwan Panshi Industrial,with a tonnage ranging from 150 tons to
350 tons. An equipment support team has also been set up.We
firmly believe that with the cooperation of excellent equipment
and team,we can provide customers with stable
production capacity ,which provides strong support
to the production
of high-quality, high-precision products.
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Season implements the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and the concept of dust-free workshop management, which advocates the concept of environmental protection. Season is committed to creating a satisfying and people-oriented working environment to the employees while at the same time avoiding foreign impurities to a greater extent. The mixing of fibers and other substances into the products which brings undesirable effects to customers could thus be totally avoided.

      The production area strictly implements the 5S3D management standards. Clean and tidy environment of the dust-free management meets the industry's leading standards. The standardized operation guidelines to the employees effectively ensures that the product with poor qualify is identified and its outflow could be prevented. We always adhere to the "craftsman spirit" of being professional, focus and striving for excellence. Our goal is to build up Season as the best company in this industry which could win the trust , praise and recognition from the customers.